Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Game Boy 250

This is My first serious write-up

What you'll need:
An Original Nintendo Game Boy (look on Ebay or in some old drawers)
A computer screw driver
Tri-wing screw driver
Maxtor One Touch Portable Hard Drive
A pair of heavy Duty adjustable pliers
A pair of needle nose pliers
Hot Glue
Crazy Glue
A razor Blade

How to do it

1. Run the razor along the ridge on the side of the Game boy several times.

2.Unscrew all the screws on the outside and take the back of the case completely off and unscrew all the screws on the inside pulling out all the circuitry and put it in some kind of box.

3. This is the Hard part. Snap all the pegs out of the casing. For the larger pegs used the adjustable pliers at about half-way.

4.cut the wires from the screen and hot-glue it into place.

5. Hot-glue the buttons and the d-pad back into place.

6.take the razor to the contrast knob's former resting place and shave some off the top. This is where you will plug in the USB Cable. look at the picture

7. You'll need to shave off some from the back like so.

8. You'll also need to take off the piece that snaps on to the battery cover (no picture but it pretty evident what I'm talking about).

9. Now your done! All that's left is to snap the to halves together and seal them with Crazy glue. You'll also want to do this for the battery cover.

Your finished product will look like this:


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