Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stupidest King Arthur Products

10.The Doughnut Pan
Why would anyone bake a donut?
Donuts are designed to be the fattiest most delicious food in the history of delicious fatty foods why ruin them by making them dry and bland.

9. The Muffin Top pan

8. The Individual Slice Pie Pans

The Idea Behind this is that you cook a slice of pie in each little wedge.

7. The Carrot Cake Pan

What the Fuck is wrong with these people!

6. The Individual Muffin Heart Pans

This is only in here because of the sheer "Why the Hell" factor

5. The Pie Crust Mix

They say all you have to do is add water and butter, but all pie crust is flour, water, and butter. Hmmmmm.

4. The Pumpkin Cake Pan
Why the hell would any buy this

3. The Brownie Edge Pan

Just look at it!

2. The Airplane Pan

This is pretty damn stupid. The things don't even look like planes.

1. The Human Baby Pan

The actual name of this is the Lemon Loaf Pan but I think it looks a hell-of-a-lot more like a human child in a crib or something than whatever the hell a "lemon-loaf is.

The "PB&J Spreader


Are your kids fussy about foods TOUCHING one another? (If you’re a mom, you know what we mean.) This spreader keeps peanut butter and jelly in their jars where they belong: no messy mixing!

  • Use the brown end for peanut butter, the purple for jelly.
  • 12” silicone dual-purpose spreader is perfect for butter and cream cheese, too.
  • Dishwasher-safe.

Yes These are exactly what they Look Like, Onion Goggles.
One fears for the future of the human race.
From a review :

"My eyes are super sensitive to onions and these though they look silly are great! I no longer have to leave the room multiple times while cutting onions!"
Please if this was your reaction go outside and remove your testicles (or ovaries) as to prevent yourself from poisoning the earth with your seed.

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